Machines for cleaning nuts

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Modern equipment for washing and peeling nuts In the production process of collecting and processing nut products, an important moment is the cleaning of walnuts and their washing. After all, the total mass of fruits after mechanized harvesting is most often characterized by a high level of contamination. This is a significant amount of small debris from the ground, stones, branches and parts of the green outer skin. Therefore, special equipment is needed for cleaning and washing nuts. Technological line for walnut cleaning Our company will help to clean the walnut shell and other debris as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result, we guarantee a clean and beautiful product, ready for further processing. We offer reliable equipment for cleaning walnuts manufactured by the worthy French brand AMB Rousset. Its functionality consists in washing products from sand, various garbage and garbage impurities with high-quality subsequent drying. The machine for cleaning walnuts of this plan has a working part through which the product passes intensively rotating. As a result, its high-quality cleaning and washing is ensured. There is a machine for cleaning walnuts from the green skin, as well as all kinds of machines. They are mainly intended for: Separation of branches, stones and other large debris; Removal of sand and small clogged impurities; high-quality washing of nut fruits and their drying; Cleaning nuts from pericarp (skin). From us, you can purchase both a full-fledged high-performance cleaning line and a simple machine for cleaning walnuts. All equipment meets global technical quality standards, which guarantees its reliable and long-lasting operation.