Equipment for crushing nuts

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Industrial nutcrackers – increasing production efficiency An industrial nutcracker is a functional and productive device for cracking nuts of various types and sizes. The primary processing of a walnut begins with its splitting. The quality of the final product and, accordingly, its cost depends on the quality of this process. We offer equipment from one of the largest manufacturers in Europe – the French company “AMB ROUSSET” and the German company Feucht-Obsttechnik. The industrial nut cracking machine is relevant for use in large, medium and small businesses. Benefits provided by nut cracking equipment The professional industrial walnut splitting machine is characterized by high productivity and splitting efficiency. A distinctive feature of our equipment is the “soft” cleaning of the nut, which allows you not to injure the kernel during cleaning and to achieve the maximum percentage of butterfly yield (up to 60-70%). It will be a profitable acquisition for production purposes. The operation of our equipment is distinguished by a number of advantages: Optimum quick walnut roasting; Maximum security of kernel integrity; Effective processing of large volumes of nuts; Ease of use and maintenance; Minimal use of handwork; The ability to adjust the loading of nuts of various types and sizes; Reliability and long-lasting operation with minimal risk of breakdowns. Where is the best place to buy industrial nutcrackers? Effective and reliable nutcrackers can be purchased from our company. There are industrial models available, differing in productivity from 15 to 100 kg/h, capable of chopping nuts of various types and sizes (from 10 to 50 mm). To achieve a higher splitting performance, you can pre-calibrate the nuts by size. With this plan, the machine for shelling walnuts has small dimensions and weight, so it can be easily transported. The price for the presented equipment is pleasantly loyal and relatively low. The optimal model should be selected based on the indicators of scale of production and the desired quality of processing.