Industrial dryers for nuts

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Drying walnuts is a guarantee of product quality In order to preserve the harvest and increase the value of the product, conditioning and drying of the nuts is necessary. In Ukraine, these processes are usually carried out in natural conditions in special covered and well-ventilated rooms. But for significant volumes of nuts, special drying equipment is simply not possible. A modern nut dryer will help to significantly speed up the process, make it more efficient and cost-effective. Normative requirements for humidity After harvesting whole fruits, their moisture content is about 35-45%, which is undesirable, because the product can simply spoil. According to the International Standard and technical conditions, the moisture content of a whole walnut should be no more than 10%. If the volume of products is large, then a special dryer for walnuts is definitely needed for this. Thanks to this equipment, nuts are forced to dry and are ventilated in different chambers. High-tech dryer for nuts Our company offers efficient drying equipment from the time-tested brands Feucht-Obsttechnik and Amb Rousset. It is presented in the form of a sectional design, which works on an economical gas heat generator. Whole nuts are dried for 1-3 days, resulting in a moisture content of 12-13%. The productivity of such equipment, depending on the number of sections, is 1-4 tons of products per day. Our assortment of nut dryers includes various models that differ primarily in capacity and power. Processes in such equipment are carried out at a temperature of 40-60 C with parallel air ventilation, which evenly blows the products. As a result, dried nuts retain their color and vitamin content up to 90-95%.