Since 1970, the French company AMB ROUSSET has been engaged in the design and production of machinery for harvesting and processing fruits and nuts.

Over half a century of history, the company has successfully implemented a full production cycle in fruit processing.

The work of specialists is brought to a new, high-quality level, when the field of activity is permanently analyzed, as well as the development and testing of agricultural machinery.

The management of AMB ROUSSET is fully aware of its responsibility to its clients, who are the main link in the "Client-Task-Implementation" chain.

For more than 30 years, Gunter Voicht has been working in the field of fruit harvesting equipment. Since 2003, his son Jürgen Voicht has taken over the main production.

Together they are developing an innovative technique for harvesting fruits and nuts. The success of the company is that the client is always the main point of its activity.

With such a goal, Feucht-Obsttechnik has taken a leading position in Europe among manufacturers of machinery for harvesting and processing crops.

The rationalization of the fruit picking process with a high demand for the quality of the harvested fruits along with their purity and quantity is the main argument for buying our equipment.