Multi-level Dryer SAE

Все цены указаны при условии EXW Франция

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Multi-level Dryer SAE – is an efficient drying equipment. It is presented in the form of a sectional structure, with each level’s height being 1.5 meters. Drying of whole nuts takes place over 1-2 days at a temperature of 30-32°C, with simultaneous air ventilation that uniformly blows over the produce. The built-in leveling device optimizes the distribution of nuts inside the drying cabinet. As a result, dried nuts retain their color and vitamin composition up to 90-95%.
16-48 hours
Drying time
2,09-2,59 m
Up to 6 tons
Loading capacity
3.25 meters
Height of 2 levels
4,50 m
Height of 3 levels
5,75 m
Height of 4 levels