Dryer Maxi

3990 €

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With Drying Cabinet MAXI you can efficiently dry hazelnuts in a short period. The drying process occurs on three levels. Hazelnuts are poured into the upper level, then they move to the lower level while the upper level is filled with fresh hazelnuts. Subsequently, the hazelnuts descend to the lower level, and the dried ones are discharged through the doors.

There are two types of drying cabinets available:
  • Electric (equipped with 4 air heaters with a thermostat).
  • Gas (uses a gas heater, propane is typically used).
Up to 1000 l/day
Productivity of gas
200-300 l/day
Productivity of electric icon 2100 l
2100 l
1,20х1,20 m
2,94 m
100 kg