Shakers for trees

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Harvesting tall trees and plants with sprawling crowns is always difficult. Therefore, it is justified to use a shaker or a tree shaker to beat fruit, which you can always buy from the Obsttechnik company. Such equipment will simplify and speed up the harvesting of hazelnuts, walnuts, and chestnuts.

The shaker eliminates plant damage and crop damage. Also, the equipment significantly reduces the risk of injury to plantation workers and, at the same time, reduces labor costs — only one person is needed to work with the shaker.

The equipment is not used independently, it must be aggregated with the tractor. First, the worker fixes a “paw” on the tree trunk. And then the tractor shaft drives the machine for shaking nuts and apples. First, you need to stretch a tent under the crown so that the fruits do not roll on the ground. And the fallen leaves can be easily removed with a blower.

A wide range of Feucht Obsttechnik and Amb Rousset equipment for shaking trees

The execution of devices for removing fruits from trees is different, which allows each buyer to find the best option. The range of our company includes the following types of equipment:

Cable OS and CABLE SHAKER. Suitable for tall plants. The productivity of cable specimens varies between 20–35 trees/hour. Average processing time: 3-5 minutes. The main advantage of the machines is their low cost.
Tree shakers with hydraulic clamp. Their price is higher than the cost of cable specimens. The equipment is distinguished by low vibration amplitude, smooth operation, high productivity – the indicator reaches 200 trees/hour. Management is carried out from the tractor cab. Harvesters equipped with a clamp are suitable for tall plants. Several types of machines are available – VHB, VHD, VHE, VHY, VHS. The first model is the most economical.
VHP machines. Such a tree shaker is worth buying for fruit plantations. The device is also equipped with a hydraulic clamp. Adjustment is provided for barrels of different diameters. This device is the most productive – in an hour with its help, one worker can go around up to four hundred apple trees or walnut bushes. The unit does not harm the plantations, so it can be used even on fragile or young trees.
You need to choose a shaker taking into account the area of the territory, the number of plantations, and financial capabilities.

Scheme of ordering a machine for shaking nuts on our website

We work with individuals and legal entities in Ukraine. You can contact the sales department by phone or through the website. To order online equipment, fill out a special form. Enter your full name, contact information, type of crop, type of desired unit.

As soon as we receive the application, the manager will contact you to discuss all the details of cooperation. You can also get advice on tree shakers by phone, any weekday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.