“VI National Garden Day 2019” in Kherson

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On June 27, Obsttechnik participated in the “VI National Garden Day 2019” in Kherson, where they showcased equipment for apple and nut harvesting, as well as machinery for processing walnuts and hazelnuts.

This year’s event took place in the city of Sofiyivka (Kherson region) at the leading orchard in Ukraine, Ethnogray LLC. As part of the “Garden Day 2019,” representatives of partner companies shared practical advice on addressing current challenges in horticulture and discussed their experiences in implementing new technologies in the agricultural sector.

A highlight of the event was the demonstration of orchard equipment in “field conditions,” allowing each participant to witness the effectiveness of implementing new technologies on their farms. The exhibition also featured stands with various agricultural equipment, agrochemicals, and packaging technology from domestic and international manufacturers.

The Obsttechnik booth showcased the modern harvesting machine OB 100A from the German manufacturer Feucht-Obsttechnik. This model is equipped with a front rotary device with rubber paddles, ensuring gentle apple harvesting without damage. The ergonomic positioning of the driver’s seat allows the operator to control the harvesting and unloading process efficiently. The booth also featured:

Equipment for washing and cleaning walnuts;

Roll-Blitz harvesting rollers;


Manual and industrial nutcrackers.

All equipment was demonstrated in action, providing practical insights for the visitors.