Walnut and apple harvesting equipment

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Harvesting fruits is an important production process

Harvesting apples, nuts, olives, pears and other fruits is a very time-consuming and responsible stage that affects the efficiency of the entire production process. It requires a lot of strength, hard physical work and time costs. Modern harvesting equipment will help make this stage simpler and faster:

various tree shakers;
devices and harvesters for picking apples;
hazelnut harvesting equipment;
walnut harvesting machines;
roles and more.
An effective technique for picking walnuts, hazelnuts and other nuts

Our company offers innovative walnut harvesting equipment in a decent range from the French manufacturer AMB Rousset and the German company Feucht Obsttechnik. This technique is characterized by reliability and time-tested quality, it does not require special care and frequent servicing.

There is equipment available that will make the nut picking process easier and more efficient, namely:

High-performance harvesters for harvesting walnuts and chestnuts. Thanks to the multiple stages of cleaning that are carried out during the picking process, the fruits enter the hopper already clean.
Machines for mechanized harvesting of hazelnuts.
Roles. Special hand-held devices that collect nuts of any size from the ground greatly facilitate this process.
Picking apples

In order to increase productivity and significantly reduce time spent during harvesting in orchards, as a rule, they resort to mechanized harvesting of apples. Thanks to the technique from the leading manufacturer of harvesting equipment for the garden, Feucht Obsttechnik, the fruit is harvested without damaging them (due to the soft grip of the fruit with rubber blades, both at the minimum and at the maximum fruit concentration). The collector of apples and other fruits is arranged in such a way that it collects only fruits, and leaves garbage (stones, sticks, piles of earth) outside the basket.

The equipment offered by our company meets all quality standards. The use of this technique significantly increases the efficiency of harvesting. At the same time, productivity increases several times. An important point is that trees and shrubs are not harmed.