Technique for collecting hazelnuts

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High productivity and unpretentiousness make the hazelnut popular with both gardeners and business representatives. It is profitable to grow a walnut for sale – despite the simple technology of cultivation, the fruits are expensive. This ensures the profitability of the plantation.

It is worth taking care of the issue of harvesting in advance. The fact that the shrub reaches a height of ten meters and produces up to 4.2 kg of fruit makes it difficult to manually “harvest” ripe nuts. Therefore, regardless of the scale of the business, you will need a machine for collecting hazelnuts. She:

will speed up the process;
will reduce labor costs;
will prevent damage to shrubs.
The use of special equipment is economically justified on plantations of 3 hectares or more. During mechanical harvesting of hazelnuts, it is possible to obtain up to 1–1.5 tons. In comparison: to collect 70 kg of fruits by hand, a worker will need at least 10 hours.

Mechanized cleaning involves maintaining the distance between bushes when planting (5×4 m or 6×3 m) and preliminary preparation of the row row — mowing the grass, removing fallen branches. If it is supposed to support black steam, it is important to level the soil well.

Characteristics of Feucht Obsttechnik and Amb Rousset hazelnut harvesting devices

Machines of various types help to mechanize the processing of planted crops. Shakers are rarely used – most farmers prefer to wait for the nuts to fully ripen and fall naturally. After that comes the turn of hazelnut harvesting equipment, which helps to quickly pick up the crop from the ground.

This task is easily handled:

Vacuum devices. Attracted by a moderate price. These are units with one or two flexible sleeves or brushes with rigid hoses. The principle of their work is similar to a vacuum cleaner: a powerful fan generates an air flow that picks up nuts from the ground. The productivity of the equipment is impressive: it is possible to get up to 500 kg of fruits from the ground. After suction, the nuts are cleaned: the debris is removed, and the fruits themselves fall into a container/bag. The equipment is operated by two operators. Some types of machines are aggregated with tractors.
Harvesters Their cost is higher than vacuum devices. At the same time, self-propelled equipment pleases with maneuverability, high speed and record productivity. The machine is controlled by one operator, who has a clear view of the entire territory from the cabin. Harvesting is carried out with the help of brushes. The width of the equipment is two meters, which greatly speeds up cleaning. Then the fruits are sent to a system with augers and sieves, where they undergo cleaning, then they are distilled by air flow into a special bunker. After harvesting, the nut is quickly reloaded from the hopper of the combine into the truck — the container is raised to the required height, then tipped over. It will not be necessary to attract workers for this.
Equipment should be chosen taking into account the area of the plantation, the number of shrubs, the peculiarities of their planting, and financial possibilities.

Scheme of ordering a machine for collecting hazelnuts on the site

It is easiest to order industrial equipment by phone. Clients in Ukraine can use the number +38 066 541 09 33, in Russia – dial +7 977 884 21 10. Calls are received on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

You can buy equipment by filling out a special form. In it, indicate your full name, phone, e-mail, type of crop, type of machine. You can ask a question or clarify information in the “Messages” column. As soon as we receive the application, the managers will immediately contact you to discuss all the details of cooperation.