Walnut calibrator

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Nut calibration – accurate sorting Nut calibration is an integral and important process in the processing of nut products. This process is the sorting of walnuts by different sizes for their further high-quality extraction. To carry out such work on a large scale of production, professional calibration equipment, the so-called nut calibrator, is needed. Its use significantly increases productivity, saves time costs, increases the indicator of product integrity, making the nut business more efficient and profitable. High-tech calibrator for walnut Our company offers reliable modern equipment – a walnut calibrator. There are models for both household and large-scale production. We will help you choose the optimal technique for a specific case, so that walnut sorting is as effective as possible. The nut calibrator is a rotary type machine. This is a structure that has special sections (drums) with different holes. These working sections are made from fittings with calibration gaps. It can also be special production sieves. The speed of rotation determines the frequency regulator, thanks to which you can choose the optimal operating mode. Nut calibration is carried out in this simple way. From the loading hopper, the products are delivered directly to the work section through holes of different sizes for sorting. The fruits are mixed with the help of an auger, ensuring that in the first section, the trash and small unsuitable nuts are screened. Next, the product enters three more compartments of the equipment, where walnuts are sorted according to the size that corresponds to GOST.