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Any business can be made more profitable with the help of modern technical solutions. Yes, the walnut processing line allows the companies involved in its cultivation to increase their income by 2-3 times! The explanation for this is simple: the price of cores is much higher, and the demand exceeds the supply by several times.

Such equipment will also be useful for novice entrepreneurs: it is not necessary to create a plantation and wait for the first harvest for several years. You can make a profit today. This requires finding a supplier of raw nuts and processing them before resale.

When choosing equipment, it is important to make sure of its performance and reliability. These are the qualities of the equipment of well-known European brands. In Ukraine, our company is the official representative of the French company Amb Rousset and the German manufacturer Feucht Obsttechnik. Therefore, if you have decided to buy the best walnut processing equipment, we will be happy to help you organize your business.

Stages of nut processing on the line

To get cores ready for further use, it is necessary to carry out a whole set of works. Main stages:

Harvesting. Hydraulic and cable shakers, combines, and vacuums allow optimizing the process.
Washing and cleaning. With the help of special equipment, the fruits are separated from branches, stones, garbage, sand, and small impurities. Then they are cleaned from the skin.
Drying. So that the nuts do not spoil, the humidity should not exceed 10%. On an industrial scale, fruits are forcibly dried in special cabinets. Such equipment has an additional chamber for ventilation.
Calibration. Nuts must be sorted by size. This can be done with special calibrators. They are equipped with sieves of different diameters.
Splitting and sorting. At this stage, nutcrackers, machines for separating the shell and calibrating the kernels are used.
A modern processing line is a complex technical solution that allows you to automate every stage of the production process.

Advantages of nut processing equipment from AMB Rousset and Feucht Obsttechnik

Business automation allows you to reduce costs and material losses, simplify and speed up the production process. The decision to buy special equipment entails many advantages:

Reducing the amount of human labor, reducing the influence of the human factor, the possibility of downsizing.
Increasing the scale of production.
Fast harvesting, regardless of its volume, reducing the number of lost fruits.
Preservation of the integrity of the kernels due to more accurate and precise performance of cleaning, tapping, calibrating nuts.
Increasing the productivity and efficiency of the entire work process as a whole.
The cost of equipment of European brands is fully justified by its reliability and long service life. In addition, a long-term warranty is provided for all machines and installations.

Scheme of placing an order for a walnut processing line

For communication with managers, we have provided several working channels so that you can choose the most convenient one. The fastest way to order equipment is by phone.

If you need to buy a walnut processing line in Ukraine, dial +38 066 541 09 33.

We take calls from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM five days a week.

You can also leave an online application on the website. To do this, fill out a simple form. Specify:

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Managers will contact you to discuss the nuances. The staff employs experienced specialists who will help you choose the appropriate technical equipment for any business. We will take into account the specifics of the company’s activities, production volumes, and financial capabilities.